HD-310U Camera vs. HD-210U Camera - Dage-MTI
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HD-310U Camera vs. HD-210U Camera

HD-310U Camera vs. HD-210U Camera

Dage-MTI is excited to announce the release of the HD-310U live HD camera. The HD-310U is an upgraded replacement model of the popular HD-210U camera.

Here are a couple of key highlights of the new HD-310U camera in comparison to the HD-210U camera.

New Sensor: The HD-310U offers increased sensitivity, which includes imaging for both brightfield and bright fluorescence applications.

New Outputs: The HD-310U now has HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs that offer simultaneous or independent operation with high frame rates (60 fps). HDMI output is ideal for conference rooms, teaching, or live collaboration.

Color Matrix: The HD-310U offers 12-color accuracy vs. 6-color accuracy from the HD-210U.

MagicApp Software: Dage’s simplistic MagicApp capture software is provided with the HD-310U camera. This offers simple image capture with the click of a mouse – also provides digitial access to camera settings for image enhancement.

Image Flip/Mirror: Separate horizontal and vertical scan control provides flexibility for a variety of mounting configurations.

Drop-in Replacement: The footprint remains the same as the HD-210U, which will ensure compatibility with existing systems.

The HD-310U spec sheet can be found here – HD-310U Spec Sheet.

For more information or to schedule a demo – (219) 872-5514 or imagingexperts@dagemti.com.