About Our Company - Dage-MTI
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About Our Company

Imaging Experts

Dage-MTI is an international leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital high definition microscope cameras, monitors, and digital streaming devices. By supplying digital and analog products, Dage-MTI has separated itself from the competition as one of the only companies in the world to do so. All products are sold worldwide direct and through a partner network specific for each application and geographical region. We are known for our series of high resolution HD and 4K high definition digital microscope cameras.

Dage-MTI offers revolutionary HD cameras to the fast-growing HD imaging markets for pathology, ophthalmology, dental surgery & telemedicine.   Superior color reproduction, highest HD resolutions, fast frame rates(60fps), full-screen display and live HD streaming offer increased efficiencies for clinicians, laboratory managers and surgeons.

Experience the power of HD imaging…see what you have been missing!  1920×1080 resolutions @ 60fps to the ultimate ultra HD camera offering 3840×2160 resolution @ 60fps, we have an HD camera for every price point and resolution requirement.

Dage-MTI continues to service our legacy customer’s needs as we are constantly pushing forward to strive to develop new products in concert with the ever changing technology needs of our customers.  Doing so will allows us to enter new markets and provide us with the tools for long-term growth. For example, all of our core line of microscope cameras offer the ability to both connect direct to display while providing the capability of computer based image capture.

Biomedical research is one of the many applications for Dage-MTI products. Most major medical research schools, utilize our cameras to detect living cells in low light conditions and to analyze brain slices in infrared lighting. In industrial applications our high resolution digital microscope cameras can detect imperfections to assure material production of the highest quality.

Dage-MTI has long been known for its integrity, customer support and pride. Our staff allows us the ability to compete and succeed in a growing, high technology industry. We will continue this progression with new thoughts, people and products.

DAGE-MTI History

Dage-MTI is currently the oldest camera manufacturer in the United States, with a unique history in the video industry. In 1975, Dage Television and Maryland Telecommunications, Inc. (MTI) were incorporated to form Dage-MTI. Dage Television was founded in 1952 as one of the pioneers in closed circuit television.

Maryland Telecommunications, Inc. (MTI), founded in 1957, became the largest low light level television manufacturer, primarily designing products for the medical industry. Throughout its history, MTI has specialized in high performance, high resolution, and low light level cameras for the scientific and medical industries.

Today, the company has expanded its products from the traditional analog cameras and monitors to also include the next generation of advanced digital cameras and LCD displays.