HD Color Cameras

The HD-310U is a true high-definition 1080p camera with simultaneous HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs for simplistic connectivity to a monitor or computer at 60fps. The ideal solution for any budget!

Dage-MTI’s HD-336U is the ultimate microscopy camera for any brightfield and fluorescence imaging applications. The camera has simultaneous HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs for versatile connection to a monitor or computer at 60fps.

The 4K-UHD is the new standard for ultra HD microscopy cameras for brightfield imaging. The 4K-UHD offers full, ultra high definition, 3840×2160 viewing at 60fps with stunning detail and image clarity.

IR – Cameras

The IR-2000 real-time monochrome camera is the next evolution of IR imaging for applications that require fast response and excellent sensitivity in both the visible and NIR (up to 1100nm).

The IR-1000 real-time (30fps) camera offers enhanced sensitivity across the entire visible and near IR spectrum, with a 5X increase in sensitivity at 900nm. Replaced by IR-2000 camera.


HD-Stream redefines the way you work by streaming live, HD images to remote devices at the touch of a button.

DageCapture is our intuitive software option that enables users to capture images, record videos (with audio), add overlays, take measurements, or simply view live images.

MagicApp software provides instantaneous capture and review of high definition images with simple mouse control.

The IR-Capture software provides the next generation of performance while maintaining a sophisticated simplicity of operation.

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