A live HD image automatically occurs when the user opens the MagicApp software. MagicApp software provides instantaneous capture and review of high definition images with simple mouse control. MagicApp is the easiest software available for image capture!

  1. Left mouse click instantaneously saves the image.
  2. Mouse wheel scroll instantaneously reviews saved  images
  3. Right mouse click offers access to thumbnails.

MagicApp software is included with the purchase of each HD-310U and HD-336U high definition camera from Dage-MTI. Optional DageCapture or HD-Stream software available for full-featured operation.

Running on Windows (or Apple devices  using Windows emulation software), MagicApp can automatically label, sequentially number, and/or time-date stamp each image saved.

A simple single left click of your mouse instantaneously captures your HD image to My Pictures (default) and then reverts immediately back to the live image. Repeat left click for instant image capture, as desired.

Images can be saved in JPEG, TIFF, PNG or Bitmap formats.  Access to file naming and storage destination is also provided for capture options.  Up to 116 characters available for your file name!

Merely scrolling the mouse wheel allows sequential review of all saved images instantaneously. A right mouse click allows users to view a selected image or delete unwanted images. A left mouse click returns to your live image. Continue to left click for image capture, as desired.

Users can adjust camera settings directly in MagicApp for image enhancement – including brightness, gain, contrast, gamma, exposure.

MagicApp is compatible with HD-210U, HD-310U, and HD-336U cameras. MagicApp 1.1.15 - Updated July 30, 2018. Now offers access to camera controls for image enhancement.

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