The preeminent camera for ultra HD imaging.

Dage-MTI’s 4K-UHD is setting the standard for brightfield ultra HD imaging. The 4K-UHD offers full, ultra high definition, 3840×2160 output at 60fps! Small features at low magnification that can not be seen using other HD cameras may now be resolved with the Dage 4K-UHD. Small details truly come to life!

The 4K-UHD is pre-programmed for perfect color reproduction by critical adjustments of 12 hues – not just red, green and blue, but yellow, cyan and magenta as well. The 4K-UHD utilizes 3-CMOS chips with pixel offset technology to increase spatial resolution without sacrificing real time imaging. This fast frame rate enables the operator to move samples without smear lag or jitter.

The 4K-UHD automatically adjusts to changes in light intensity. No more fumbling with the intensity controls of your microscope or camera. 1 button white balance and pre-programmed scene files makes using the 4K-UHD simple to use. Operate the camera by directly connecting to an Ultra HD monitor via the HDMI connection without the need for a PC.

When the application demands the ultimate resolution and image quality in an HD camera, the Dage-MTI 4K-UHD is the solution.

  • 3840 x 2160 – The highest resolution Ultra HD images
  • Exceptional color reproduction. Color calibration utilizing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue (CMYRGB) for 12 color accuracy vs RGB.
  • Easy to use – 1 button white balance. Factory pre-programmed menu settings for optimal results.
  • 60fps live imaging direct to a monitor or projector
  • New CMOS sensors and spatial offset technology provide unmatched clarity
  • Digital Noise Reduction, Shading Correction, Edge Enhancement, and Automatic Black Balance offer unique controls for superior image quality.
  • Pathology
  • Education
  • Tumor Boards
  • Clinical and Industrial Microscopy
  • Ophthalmology – Slit Lamps, Ophthalmic microscopes
  • Neurosurgery – Surgical Microscopes
  • Brightfield
  • Live Cell Imaging/Classroom demonstrations
  • Histology
  • CytoPathology
  • DermatoPathology
  • Cytology
  • Hematology
  • Dental – Surgical Microscopes
  • Defect Analysis
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Metrology

Can I use a “standard” HD monitor with the UHD-4K camera?

Yes, but you will not see the increased resolution the camera can produce

What is the resolution of the new UHD-4K camera?

The new UHD-4K has an output resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This translates to 1600 TV lines of resolution.

What microscope C-mount is recommended for my camera?

C-Mount chart for Dage-MTI Cameras
HD-210U 0.25x to 0.4x
HD-336U 0.25x to 0.4x
UHD-4K 0.25x to 0.4x
IR-1000 0.5x
Excel XL16/16 Cooled 1x
Excel XLM 1x

Why is it harder to get a good image at low magnification than high magnification?

The short answer is that specimen details appear closer together at low magnification. To resolve these structures, a higher resolution camera is recommended. If you image a great deal using 2x and 4x objectives, you may want to consider our 3 chip HD-336U or even the ultra HD UHD-4K to resolve structure at these low magnifications.

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