Dage Capture

DageCapture is our intuitive software option that enables users to capture images, record videos (with audio), add overlays, take measurements, or simply view live images. The user-friendly interface requires minimal training (if any) and is built to fulfill a variety of camera applications. The simplicity, combined with its flexibility and unmatched functionality, makes it an ideal choice!

(Optional – for use with Dage-MTI’s HD-310U and HD-336U cameras)


A variety of on/off overlays are available to point out areas of interest for discussion and makes notes on the image.  The overlays (shapes, arrows & text) are viewable on the remote live streamed image, as well. Users can customize the color and size of overlays to their liking.

Users can capture images in a variety of formats (JPEG, TIF, PNG) – captured images can also include overlays and text.  Capture video to a sequence file (raw or compressed) or capture video with audio to AVI file (raw or with any supported codec). Auto-naming settings offer sequential capture of HD images and videos.


Easy-to-use measurement tools offer the ability to perform measurements on both a live image or a captured image.  Measurement options include: line, circle, ellipse, angles, rectangles, point-to-point and free form (also calculates the area). The measurement tab will allow you to calibrate your microscope with the camera/objectives and store calibrations for easy recall.  Measurements can be made in um, mm, cm, inches or mils.


Users can adjust camera settings using Dage Capture software – including brightness, gain, contrast, gamma, exposure. The customizable interface background color can be changed to accommodate lighting environments. Dage-Capture also has full screen capabilities.

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