IR Capture

The IR-Capture software provides the next generation of performance while maintaining a sophisticated simplicity of operation for visible and NIR applications offered by the IR-2000 series cameras.  IR-Capture software is included with each IR-2000 camera when shipped.

Presenting live imaging at industry leading frames and selectable resolutions up to 4K, IR-Capture is ideal for electrophysiology, patch clamp, and other demanding applications; users can access HDR contrast settings, add edge enhancement to softer IR images, reduce background noise, and capture/record high resolution images. The real-time zoom function provides a significant increase in magnification for viewing small details in live or captured images!  Overlays, measurements and trigger/strobe settings are included for full-featured flexibility.


A variety of on/off overlays are available (scale bar, shapes, arrows & text); and the overlays are viewable on the live image, as well as saved images.  Drawing functions include ruler, crosshair, mouse, ROI, grid and line profile

Users can capture images in a variety of formats (BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG) – captured images can also include overlays and text.  Capture images to a sequence file or capture video and audio to AVI file with any supported codec, including H.264. Time-lapse settings and automated sequencing capture included.


Users can adjust camera settings directly in the IR-Capture program – including HDR contrast,  brightness, gain, gamma & exposure. Real-time edge enhancement, digital noise reduction, selectable resolutions and frame rates, along with highlight reduction settings offer increased performance for the most demanding application. IR-Capture also includes zoom capabilities for image viewing. Trigger and strobe I/O settings included.


Easy-to-use measurement tools and overlays with text  offer the ability to perform measurements on both a live image or a captured image.  Measurement options include length, perimeter, diameter, area, circumference and angle for: circles, lines, polygons and angles.  The microscope tab will allow you to calibrate your microscope with the camera/objectives and store calibrations for easy recall. Measurements can be made in cm, dm, ft, in, kilometer, meter, micro, micrometer

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