InvestiGater™ Stand-Alone Integration Control

So simple and intuitive, it feels like magic.

Investigater Stand-Alone Integration Control

The Investigater utilizes frame grabbing technology to integrate multiple images, reducing or eliminating random pixel noise. The Investigater enables the acquisition of “noise free”, low light level images from Dage IR-1000 cameras. The Investigater accomplishes this by gating, grabbing, and then displaying the resulting image to a monitor.

Designed as a stand-alone unit, the Investigater allows timing control and memory storage and display without the need of a frame grabber board or computer. Connects to a computer for image capture via PCI. When coupled with the IR-1000 cameras, the resulting system produces brilliant images from low-light fluorescence to brightfield.

  • Stand-alone solution for increasing sensitivity of IR-1000 camera
  • Easily switches between gated and live image
  • Indicator ensures optimized video level output
  • Increases sensitivity for lower light operation

  • Display single-gated event or continuously updated frames
  • Displays directly to video monitor for live viewing
  • Connects to computer for image capture via PCI

Resolution 756(H) x 480(V) x 8 bits (RS-170)754(H) x 580(V) x 8 bits (CCIR)
Pixel Clock Freq 14.318 MHz (RS-170)14.1875 MHz (CCIR)
Gating Time 4 Frames to 2048 Frames in 2X intervals
Video Input EIA RS-170A (525/60); 1Vpp into 75Ω, or CCIR (625/50); 1Vpp into 75Ω
Signal Level LED Yellow Light level or Gate Time too low
Green Light level or Gate Time correct
Red Light level or Gate Time too high
Voltage Input 85VAC to 250VAC, 50/60 Hz
Size Control 5½” (W) x 1½” (H) x 8″ (D)
Power Supply 2½” (W) x 1½” (H) x 5″ (D)
Weight Control 1.6 lbs.
Power Supply 0.7 lbs.
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

  • Brightfield, Phase Contrast, and Darkfield Microscopy
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Manufacturing Quality Control

  • Failure Analysis
  • Forensic Anaylysis
  • Teaching Environment


How can the InvestiGater improve images with low signal and high noise?

The InvestiGater enables the acquisition of “noise free” low light level images from the IR-1000 camera (Spectral response 380nm to 1100nm). The InvestiGater accomplishes this by “gating” (allowing a number of frames to accumulate charge on the CCD detector), grabbing and displaying the image. As long as the signal is present above background noise, the signal from the sample will build up faster than random noise. Unlike Image averaging, the InvestiGater will “normalize” the image to change the range of pixel intensity values to maximize the contrast (histogram or contrast stretching). This can result in brilliant images from low light/low signal environments.