RV-DR “Magic Box” HD Stand-Alone Capture

So simple and intuitive, it feels like magic.

RV-DR “Magic Box”

Dage-MTI RVDR High Definition Capture, Review, and Export to USB Memory Stick

Just what is the Magic Box? For starters, you won’t even know it’s there — that’s how simple it is to use. When you turn it on, a live HD image from your microscope instantly appears on your monitor. Just one click of the mouse saves your image to a memory stick, and one scroll of the wheel allows you to review all the images you’ve captured.

The Magic Box is especially effective in settings such as tumor review boards, clinical rounds, pathology labs, teaching environments and industrial inspection. Any user can operate immediately without prior instruction or experience.

Combine with the High DefinitionHD Camera series for an unparalleled imaging capture and review system.

The Magic Box

  • Capture HD images with a single click of a mouse
  • Scroll and review saved images with no lag
  • Easily save desired images to a USB memory stick
  • Intuitive controls for any user, no experience, training, or reading manuals required
  • Not a DVR and not a PC, rather a newly designed device

Save to Memory Stick

  • The Magic Box saves HD images automatically to USB memory stick
  • Automatically stores images to a folder for random access review
  • Easily transfer saved images to work station
  • Includes USB memory stick, mouse and DVI-DVI cable


HDSDI (optional)

Output  1080i/1080p
HDSDI (optional)