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Educational Applications

Live, High Definition Color Imaging

Educational Applications

It’s challenging to capture the attention of today’s students – no matter what the grade level. Give yourself and your presentations an edge with a 1080p/60 HD camera from Dage-MTI. The unique camera design of the HD-210U offers simultaneous live image output, enabling connection directly to an HD monitor/projector for live viewing and/or a computer via USB 2.0 for image capture and storage. A simple white balance begins high definition viewing and analysis.

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Educational Applications

What applications can benefit from a fast HD camera?
  • Live cell imaging/classroom demonstrations
  • Lectures utilizing live microscope imaging of fixed slides.
  • Live dissections or animal surgeries on a stereo microscope.
  • Cytology
  • Histology
  • Lab practicals
Why is it harder to get a good image at low magnification than high magnification?

The short answer is that specimen details appear closer together at low magnification. To resolve these structures, a higher resolution camera is recommended. If you image a great deal using 2x and 4x objectives, you may want to consider our 3 chip HD-336U or even the ultra HD UHD-4K to resolve structure at these low magnifications.

Why is it important to have a fast camera for live demonstrations?
  • Easy to focus. 60 fps means no viewing lag, smear or jitter.
  • Keeps up with live, moving specimens and magnification changes.
  • Keeps your audience engaged.
Why use a Dage HD Camera?
  • The image quality and color accuracy are superb; 6 color calibration (CMYRGB), not just RGB.
  • Simultaneous output! Plugs into a monitor/projector (via HDMI) or computer (via USB2) or both!
  • Instantaneous capture and review of saved imaging using MagicApp
  • The HD-210U easily attaches via C-mount adapter to any microscope with a photoport. Use it on an upright microscope to look at fixed specimens or swap it to an inverted to observe live cells.
  • Easy to use. One button white balance. Fast live camera output – the camera keeps up with you as you scan your specimen with no smear, lag, or jitter.
Why use an HD camera?
  • Better display images. The HD camera output is a perfect match to an HD monitor. Your specimens appear as natural as possible with no interpolation or compression artifacts to fit the monitor/projector screen.
  • Fast 60 frames/second output. Don’t let the camera slow you down!