HD-Stream and Olympus Cameras – A Perfect Match

HD-Stream and Olympus Cameras – A Perfect Match

Dage-MTI has qualified the Olympus DP27 and DP22 cameras for use with its powerful new streaming solution, HD-Stream.  This is an exciting update, as it provides greater flexibility for end users to instantly stream, record, and capture live HD-images while using the DP22 and DP27 cameras from Olympus.

The cameras connect directly to HD-Stream via the USB output and users can instantly begin viewing/streaming secure live HD images with the click of a button. Users do NOT have to download any software or pay any additional fees to use HD-Stream with their Olympus cameras. It is truly a plug-and-play system.

  • DP27 Camera – View & stream at full HD resolution (2448 x 1920) @ 15fps
  • DP22 Camera – View & stream at full HD resolution (1920 x 1440) @ 25fps
  • Users can access multiple camera controls through HD-Stream for image enhancement, such as exposure, brightness, contrast, color mode, etc.
  •  On/off overlays allow the operator to point out areas of interest or make notes – overlays also appear on the streamed image
  • Print/Capture/Record – Users can capture images or record up to 50 hours of HD video (with audio)
  • Measurement tools are also available, including point-to-point, ellipse area, hand drawn, square area, and more

“Streaming live HD images is the way of the future and HD-Stream is the optimal solution for making this happen. It gives you the ability to stream, record, take notes, and so much more. Best of all, it is incredibly user-friendly and simple to use.” John Bogan, Director of Imaging

Click here to learn more about HD-Stream or contact Dage-MTI to schedule a demo (imagingexperts@dagemti.com).