HD Stream DAGE-MTI  - Live,Remote Collaboration in HD
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Capture, Record, And Share HD Video And Images


Connect More. Share More. Do More

  • Share live HD images with colleagues in any location on any device
  • No operator software downloads
  • Save money by reducing travel expenses and specimen transport costs
  • Industry leading quality and functionality


Redefine How You Work.


HD-Stream redefines the way you work by streaming live, HD images to remote devices at the touch of a button. Highly resolved HD images can now be seen in real time by remote colleagues around the corner, across campus or across the world. Whether you are sending or receiving live images, the self-contained HD-Stream device offers a powerful solution for saving time and money through immediate collaboration and monitoring.


HD-Stream connects to your network via its built-in Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection and displays a live image from the camera immediately upon startup. The clinician, pathologist, or physician wanting to share live images from the HD microscope camera can then easily move their slide, change specimens or magnifications, and the remote participants will immediately see the same live activity on their smartphones, tablets and CPUs at the same time.


On/off overlays allow the operator to highlight important areas for discussion, including the ability to instantly capture images and record important procedures with audio (up to 200 hours) for review and sharing.


Exceptional image quality is achieved at both low and high magnification levels using HD cameras. HD-Stream camera packages are available, including Medically Certified HD cameras.

Tested with HD-336U camera on a GigE network. HD-Stream supported over 50 simultaneous remote connections at full HD resolution.


  • Small, stand-alone device
  • No operator software downloads
  • No licensing or user fees
  • Platform Independent
  • Simultaneous viewing connections

HD-Stream is platform independent and can stream live HD images simultaneously to PC, MAC, iOs and Android devices.

Simplified User Interface

HD-Stream is easy to use – busy professionals appreciate the intuitive interface. One-button selection initiates the stream.

Platform Independent

Streams live HD images simultaneously to PC, MAC, desktops, tablets, iPads,iPhones, Android devices, or an Apple TV. Uses VLC for decoding HD stream.

LAN or WAN Connection

Provides direct internet/intranet connection for transmitting live HD images.

Simple Connectivity

HD-Stream connects to a network via a wired Ethernet connection or through its built-in Wifi adapter.


HD-Stream is compatible with a variety of USB qualified cameras including:

– Dage-MTI: HD-210U, HD-336U, HD-336U-Med
– Olympus: DP-22, DP-27
– Jenoptik: Subra, Arktur, Naos, Kapella, Rigel, Prokyon

Simultaneous Connections

Tested with HD-336U camera on a GigE network. HD-Stream supported over 60 simultaneous remote connections at full HD resolution.


Selectable On/Off; circles, rectangles, arrows, cross hair, text. Stream or record with overlays.


Record videos with audio for rebroadcast (up to 200 hours). Snap and save images. Print images to a networked printer.

Safe and Secure

No identifiable patient information is exchanged with transmission of live images

No Hidden Fees

No software licensing fees.

Saves Time and Money

Saves time and money with immediate feedback and communication.

– Avoids time-consuming specimen transport
– Reduces travel time and costs with live, remote viewing.


HD-Stream hardware is small and easily moved wherever it’s needed. Built-in WiFi makes portability convenient.

IT Friendly

Stand-alone device plugs directly into the network. No additional software downloads required at operator’s station.


HD-Stream is a powerful cost-effective solution to streaming high definition video to remote observers across campus or across the world.

  • Clinical Collaboration
  • Medical Education
  • FNA Carts
  • Telepathology
  • Grossing Stations
  • Education/Laboratory Demonstrations
  • Frozen Section Review
  • Manufacturing Review – Remote visual inspection/parts inspection
  • Telemedicine (Cytology, Histology, Dermatology, et al.)
  • Tumor Boards (remote and local)
  • Surgical Microscopy

Real-Time HDWeb StreamingH.264 compressed at 30 fps, 1080p, 720p, or 360p via Ethernet or WiFi
Minimum Bandwidth Requirement per Client1080p (default): 5 MBit/s
720p: 2 MBit/s
360p: 0.5 MBit/s
Remote Viewing PlatformsPC, MAC, Tablet, Desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android Devices.
Uses industry standard VLC as decoder/viewer for remote users.
Live HD Image CaptureTIFF format
Live HD Video Recording (AVI files)Up to 200 hours of HD recording. Record, Play/Pause, First Frame, Last Frame, Step Back/Forward, Time Slider
Auto NamingAutomatically names captured HD files and videos, as designated.
Print ControlPrint images to a networked computer
Required Access Ports (for UDP and TPC transmission)554,8080
Streaming ProtocolsRTP, RTCP, RTSP, HTTP
Default Streaming ProtocolRTSP on port 554, 8080
HD-Stream BoxPower Button
Speaker/Microphone/Audio Port
Ethernet Port
USB 3.0 Port (x4)
Mini HDMI Port
Mini DisplayPort Connector
Security Slot
Windows 10OS
Electrical19V, 3.43A (120V-220V)
Safety & Regulatory Information
MountingDesktop, with VESA Mounting Adapter Included.
Dimensions4.53”(W) x 4.37” (D) x 1.92” (H)
HD-StreamIncludes:HD-Stream box, power supply, keyboard, mouse, Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable.

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

HD-Stream Essential

HD-Stand-Alone Box. Stream HD via Ethernet or WiFi, capture & record; Includes mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable
(Requires: qualified USB Camera and HD display with HDMI input)

HD-Stream Silver

HD-Stream Box with HD-210U HD Camera. Stream HD via Ethernet or WiFi, Capture & record. Includes mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable
(Requires: HD display with HDMI input)

HD-Stream Gold

HD-Stream Box with HD-336U 3CMO HD Camera. Stream HD via Ethernet or WiFi, capture & record. Includes mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable
(Requires: HD Display with HDMI input)

HD-Stream GoldMed

HD-Stream box with HD-336U-MedMedically Certified3CMOS HD camera. Stream HD via Ethernet or WiFi, capture & record. Includes mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable.
(Requires: HD display with HDMI input)