Camera Solutions for IR Imaging

Enhanced sensitivity across the entire visible and near IR spectrum

Camera Solutions for IR Imaging

Dage-MTI is your source for live IR imaging at 30fps. For inspection and defect analysis requiring longer wavelength sensitivity, Dage-MTI offers IR sensitive cameras to fit your imaging needs. Optional image capture is available.

Sensitivity up to 2200nm

For specialized, longer IR wavelength applications, consider the LSC-70. Featuring live, real time frame rates (30fps) and sensitivity up to 1,800nm or 2,200nm, the LSC-70 series camera is the answer to challenging IR imaging applications. Real-time features of the LSC-70 include: Auto/manual gain and black level adjust, gamma, edge enhancement, polarity reversal, and grey-scale stretch.

Sensitivity up to 1100nm

The IR-1000 is a real-time (30fps) versatile camera solution that offers enhanced sensitivity across the entire visible and near IR spectrum (up to 1,100nm). The IR-1000 boasts a 5X increase in sensitivity at 900nm. Its sensitivity is ideal for visible, NIR and bright fluorescence modes of operation. Features of the IR-1000 include: Automatic contrast and real-time edge enhancement. When a scene changes, the camera’s electronics automatically and instantaneously readjust to achieve optimum contrast. The enhancement function provides an edge sharpening of soft IR images, resulting in a clearer image. Optional Investigater offers on-chip integration for increased sensitivity in lower light level conditions.

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IR Imaging Solutions

What applications can benefit from an IR Imaging camera?
  • Fluid inclusions in pyrite
  • Through-Wafer Inspection/wafer bonding voids
  • Chip damage – fusion/corrosion
  • MEMS device inspection
  • Forensics – Art forgeries, etc. utilizing Infrared Refrectography
  • Laser/LED beam alignment
  • Infrared light source intensity
  • Detect imperfections in textile and paint
  • stress patterns in silicon crystals