IR-1000 Camera Now USB Compatible

IR-1000 USB Output

IR-1000 Camera Now USB Compatible

The IR-1000 camera from Dage-MTI has been the leading choice for real-time infrared microscopy applications for years and now comes with a USB output option for connectivity to a CPU! Users still get the same high-quality image that they’ve come to expect from Dage-MTI but now have an option for a USB digital output. Best of all, users have the ability to run dual simultaneous outputs – USB and/or composite output. This will enable them to view a live image directly to a monitor via composite output AND view the image on a CPU via USB output, simultaneously! This is an ideal solution for users looking to capture images, record videos,  or simply use a Windows based CPU for viewing real-time IR images.

The IR-1000 camera offers enhanced sensitivity across the entire visible and near IR spectrum, with a 5X increase in sensitivity at 900nm. Ideal for visible, IR-DIC and bright fluorescence modes of operation, the IR-1000 utilizes a 1/2″ sensor and is c-mount adaptable. A ten-step grey scale test signal allows the user to quickly and correctly set the contrast and brightness on a monitor.
Ideal Applications:

Fluorescence Microscopy
Brightfield, Phase Contrast, & Darkfield Microscopy
Semiconductor Inspection
Manufacturing Quality Control
Failure Analysis
Forensic Analysis
Teaching Environments

To learn more about the IR-1000 Camera, visit the Dage-MTI specs page here – IR-1000 Camera Info.