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The LSC-70 camera is ideal for applications requiring IR sensitivity up to 2,200nm and real-time (30 fps) video performance. The LSC-70 boasts a wide spectral response (400nm – 2,200nm) and high resolution (700 TV lines) to resolve fine detail.

The two-piece design of the LSC-70 camera allows for convenient desk-top control of image enhancement features with precise, lockable controls. A ten-step grey scale test signal allows the user to quickly and correctly set the contrast and brightness on a monitor.

The front panel controls offer extended gain and black level offset ranges to allow maximum contrast for low contrast imaging. The GAIN adjust sets image whites to desired level to optimize contrast. In AUTO setting, the camera automatically tracks and adjusts whitest portion of picture to an internally factory preset level. In MANual, the camera maintains a fixed gain that can be set to desired levels through gain control adjustments.

The BLACK LEVEL control varies contrast level for darkest portion of the image. In AUTO setting, the camera automatically tracks and sets darkest portion of image to a black reference level. In MANual, the camera maintains a fixed black reference regardless of variations in image contrast. The camera provides an internally factory-preset black reference for both automatic and manual operation in PRESET, or the user can set contrast levels as desired in VARIABLE.

Additional adjustments include: bandwidth, aperture, stretch, gamma and polarity. Use of the bandwidth control in conjunction with aperture control will achieve optimum sharpness with minimum noise. A Stretch function provides a six-fold amplification of user selected grey levels for maximum contrast improvement. Gamma setting in the .5 position stretches signal in black and compresses whites to improve low contrast images, while Gamma in the 1.0 position provides linear grey scale reproductions. Polarity provides an inverted grey scale output to better view the darkest information in the image under low contrast conditions.

  • Real time operation – 30fps
  • Lead Sulfide Detectors (Response up to 1,800nm or 2,200nm)
  • Precise, lockable controls for calibrated measurements
  • Automatic/Manual gain control
  • Automatic/Manual Black Level Control
  • Aperture and bandwidth control for optimum sharpness and minimum noise
  • Adjustable Gamma control
  • High/Low Gain switch provides additional boost for low contrast images
  • Polarity reversal provides an inverted grey scale output
  • Ten-Step Grey Scale Test Signal – Allows user to quickly and correctly set the contrast and brightness for viewing on a monitor
  • Two-Piece Design – Allows for convenient desk-top control of image enhancement features.
  • Crystal control, optional
  • Computer interface, optional
  • Fluid inclusions in pyrite
  • Through-Wafer Inspection/wafer bonding voids
  • Chip damage – fusion corrosion
  • MEMS device inspection
  • Forgery Detection/Document Examination
  • Laser/LED beam alignment
  • View infrared LEDs
  • Art Analysis
  • Microscopic inspection applications
  • Macroscopic applications with c-mount macro lens
  • Detect imperfections in textile and paint
LSC-70 Technical Specifications
Input Voltage 98 to 135 volts 50/60 Hz or 195 to 260 volts 50/60 Hz
Input Power 18 watts @ 120 volts AC
Vertical Sweep Rate 60 Hz standard or 50 Hz
Horizontal Sweep Frequency 12 KHz to 35 KHz
Scanning 2:1 Interlace, 525/60 or 625/50 standard
Optional Scan Rates 2:1 Interlace, 559/60, 875/60, 945/60, 1025/60 (other scan rates available)
Type of Sync and Blanking Waveform EIA RS-170 standard, RS-330, RS-343 optional
Image Tubes Lead Sulfide
Sensitivity 75 nanoamps of average tube signal current for 1 volt composite output
Automatic Gain Over 12 db at full bandwidth
Video Output Composite 1 Vpp, black to white .65 volts, .3v sync, black negative Polarity; source terminated 75 ohm. Dual isolated video outputs.
Geometric Distortion Within major circle 0.5% – Overall 1.0%
Linearity Distortion Horizontal: 0.25%
External Lock Lockable to External H&V Drive or Composite Sync
Enhancement Adjustable 0 to + 12db at user specified peaking frequency
Video Amplifier Greater than 18 mHz bandwidth
DC coupled output, black reference at ground potential
White Clipper
Variable Bandwidth control
Automatic Black Level
Automatic Video Level
Gamma correction; switchable between 1 and .5
Options Crystal Control
Computer Interface
Head (less lens) 2-7/8″ (H) x 2-3/4″ (W) x 9-1/4″ (L)
Weight 2 lbs. 4 oz. (1 Klg)
Control Unit 3-3/4″ (H) x 8-5/8″ (W) x 12-3/4″ (L)
Weight 7.2 lbs (3.28 Kg)
Lens Mount C mount
Camera Mount Two 1/4″ x 20 tapped holes
Type of Coaxial Connector BNC

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