Research Applications

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Research Applications

Dage-MTI is a camera solutions company for investigators in a variety of disciplines. Deep tissue microscopy techniques (IR-DIC/Dodt imaging) require a camera that can tease out contrast and detail in low signal/high noise environments. Patch clamp and Electrophysiology requires a camera with fast, real time frame rates. With 30 fps performance, auto contrast and real time edge enhancement, the IR-1000 meets and exceeds these challenges.

When particularly difficult specimens present, consider the InvestiGater™. With image integration capability, the IR-1000 coupled to the InvestiGater™ can produce brilliant images from low light fluorescence and other low signal/high noise environments.

When live, full color HD fluorescence imaging is desired for small animal surgery and other applications, the HD-336U can meet the need. The HD-336U boasts 60fps performance via USB 3 connectivity and binning capability for these difficult to image visible light fluorescence applications. Contact us for near IR camera configurations.

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