Advanced HD Imaging Technology for Microscopy - Dage-MTI
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Advanced HD Imaging Technology for Microscopy

Advanced HD Imaging Technology for Microscopy

Dage-MTI continues to be a leader in providing cutting-edge HD cameras and revolutionary streaming solutions for microscopy. The range of advanced solutions offered by Dage-MTI are ideal for applications such as clinical pathology, surgical video imaging, educational presentations, industrial microscope imaging, dermatopathology, veterinary microscope imaging, and more!

The popularity of the HD-336U camera continues to rise and the recent introduction of the 4K Ultra HD Camera, as well as HD-Stream have put Dage-MTI at the forefront of innovation.

  • HD-336U Camera
    • Automatically adjusts between brightfield and fluorescence imaging
    • 60fps allows users to move samples or change magnifications without jitter or lag
    • Dual outputs for simultaneous live viewing to an HD display and computer
    • Also available in a Medically Certified model with a 60601-1 power supply
  • 4K Ultra HD Camera4K
    • Ultra HD resolution at 3840 x 2160 (4x more resolution that HD)
    • Subtle details come to life at low magnifications (2x, 4x)
    • Outputs display at 60fps with no lag or jitter – No PC required
    • Connect to 4K  display using HDMI, Display Port or 3G-HD/SDI (x4)
  • HD-Stream
    • The ultimate solution to stream live HD images for collaboration
    • Overlays enable users to take notes, create shapes, draw arrows and more
    • Capture and save images instantly and record up to 200 hours of live video
    • Users can stream to one, ten, or hundreds of viewers simultaneously

To learn more about Dage-MTI’s microscopy solutions, give us a call at (219) 872-5515 or email us at