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Medical Applications

Change the way you view and capture images!

Medical Applications

Today’s medical environment demands increased efficiency. Consider the innovative HD microscopy cameras from Dage-MTI as the most efficient camera solutions for live viewing and capture of clinical specimens. Superior color accuracy, extremely fast frame rates (60 fps), and preprogrammed settings are yours for increased productivity. A simple white balance begins high definition viewing and analysis.

Experience the power of HD imaging! Our full line of HD cameras is available to meet your every need – from 1080p HD (1920 x 1080) to the newest Ultra HD (3840 x 2160).

The HD-210U brightfield camera streams live 1080p HD video directly to an HD monitor/projector – perfect for group discussion and presentation. In addition, the unique camera design offers simultaneous live image output to a computer via USB 2.0 for image capture and storage. Proprietary MagicApp software is included.

When your presentations demand the superior resolution and image quality only a 3-chip HD camera can provide, the HD-336U is the solution. The full-featured HD-336U is ideal for both live brightfield and fluorescence imaging. Offering the latest in 3-CMOS HD camera technology, the HD-336U is perfect for live, streaming video applications requiring 1080p/60fps performance but at a higher resolution. In addition, the HD-336U is the first HD camera to offer a simultaneous live image output to a computer via new USB 3.0 for display (60fps), capture and storage. Proprietary MagicApp software is included.

For the ultimate in image resolution and clarity (especially at the lower microscope magnifications) the state-of-the art Ultra UHD-4K is the answer. At 3840 x 2160 output, the UHD-4K can provide crystal clarity to image those hard-to-resolve specimen features at low magnification.

If 1920 x 1080 high definition capture and review are required without a computer, consider the RV-DR “Magic Box” from Dage-MTI. Capture directly to a USB drive.

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Medical Applications

What applications can benefit from a fast HD camera?
  • Pathology – Tumor board/conferences/lectures utilizing live microscope imaging of fixed slides.
  • Live dissections or animal surgeries on a stereo microscope.
  • Ophthalmology – Slit Lamps and Surgical Microscopes
  • Neurosurgery – Surgical Microscopes
  • Lab practicals
Why is it harder to get a good image at low magnification than high magnification?

The short answer is that specimen details appear closer together at low magnification. To resolve these structures, a higher resolution camera is recommended. If you image a great deal using 2x and 4x objectives, you may want to consider our 3 chip HD-336U or even the ultra HD UHD-4K to resolve structure at these low magnifications.

Why is it important to have a fast camera for live demonstrations?
  • Easy to focus. 60 fps means no viewing lag, smear or jitter.
  • Keeps up with live, moving specimens and magnification changes.
  • Keeps your audience engaged.
Why use a Dage HD camera?
  • The image quality and color accuracy are superb; 6 color calibration (CMYRGB), not just RGB.
  • HD-210U offers simultaneous live output! Plugs into a monitor/projector (via HDMI) or computer (via USB 2.0) or both!

  • HD-336U offers simultaneous live output! Plugs into a monitor/projector (via HDMI) or computer (via new USB 3.0) or both!

  • UHD-4K offers stunning detail and image clarity with live ultra HD 4k imaging.
  • Instantaneous capture and review of saved images using MagicApp Up to 116 characters available for image name.
  • The HD cameras easily attach via C-mount adapter to any microscope with a photoport. Use it on an upright microscope to look at fixed specimens or swap it to an inverted to observe live cells.
  • Easy to use. One button white balance. Fast live camera output – the camera keeps up with you as you scan your specimen with no smear, lag, or jitter.
Why use an HD camera?
  • Better display images. The HD camera output is a perfect match to an HD monitor. Your specimens appear as natural as possible with no interpolation or compression artifacts to fit the monitor/projector screen.
  • Fast 60 frames/second output. Don’t let the camera slow you down!
  • Live HD display eliminates eye fatigue from repetitive eyepiece viewing.